From Year 8, students have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in areas such as food and nutrition and textiles through the study of Home Economics.

This provides them with valuable skills that will become ever-more important as they reach adulthood, and for some students, this is a stepping stone into a career in catering, fashion or child care.

In Year 8 students study Food and Nutrition and Clothing and Textiles for a semester each.

In Year 9 they can choose to study Clothing and Fabrics, or Food and Nutrition.

In Year 10 they also have the opportunity to study two additional subjects: Cakes and Patisserie and Caring for Children.

These subjects provide an excellent base for both the General and ATAR WACE courses in Years 11 and 12 for the subjects Children, Family and the Community, Food Science and Technology and Materials, Design and Technology.