St Mary’s Junior School believes very strongly that a healthy fit body is very important for our students.  Through a range of activities we endeavour to provide the students with opportunities to develop a healthy body. 

Throughout the year all students are involved in a Physical Education programme that focuses on the development of gross motor skills, fitness and games skills.

Interhouse and Interschool Carnivals

Year 4 Winter Games  
Year 5 Winter Games  
Year 6 Winter Games  
Interhouse Cross Country (Years 1 to 6)  
Interschool Cross Country  
Modified Field Events (Years 1 and 2)  
Interhouse Athletics (Pre-primary to Year 6)  
Interschool Athletics (Years 4 to 6)  

Co-curricular Sport

·         Fitness Swimming

·         Diving

·         Running Club

·         Basketball

·         Netball

·         Badminton

·         Yoga

·         Gymnastics

·         Surfing