The Top Ten Reasons to Choose St Mary’s

1.  We are a large boarding house which means that girls have the chance to form a wide range of friendships and choose a group of friends that best suit them. There are also lots of girls in residence at the weekend and always plenty of activities on offer to the girls.
St Mary’s is located on 40 acres of natural bushland, close to the beach, so our girls can enjoy a sense of spaciousness while living on campus. The smell of the country is never far away for a St Mary’s girl and trips to the beach always make life more fun.
3.  The school offers the girls the opportunity to participate in sporting clubs outside of school and arranges transport to and from selected clubs in netball, hockey and tennis.
4. All of our facilities for boarding students, such as the medical centre and dining room, are under one roof, making the boarding house more homely and creating a sense of family.
5.  Parents are a key part of boarding life at St Mary’s. Our parents are always made welcome and encouraged to visit often. Friendships and a sense of community among our parents are also fostered during our regular boarding parent functions.
6. Our food! The students regularly comment that the food at St Mary’s, from our in-house chefs, is one of the highlights of their time here. We invite you to join us for a meal and see for yourself just how great it is.
7. We are located centrally within Perth, but outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Transport to and from the school, as well as parking, is hence very convenient for parents.
8. We offer 24/7 health care, with a night supervisor on duty from 10.00pm to 6.00am each night for the girls. This is a stay-awake position and so in the middle of the night, someone is always awake to love and care for our girls.
9. Our academic support in boarding is second to none, with 20 tutors, academic staff on duty each prep night, the library open to boarders each evening, and a Boarding Academic Support Teacher, who focuses on ensuring that each girl is supported in her study and has the skills at her fingertips to achieve her potential in the classroom.
10. Our support and induction programmes, including the Look Inside Programme, Perth Pals Programme and our Big Sister: Little Sister programme, all help to ensure our girls quickly settle into the rhythm of boarding.


St Mary’s is a great boarding house. Next time you are in Perth, please contact us to arrange a personalised tour at a time that is convenient to you.