Almerta is the name given to the school yearbook. It is thought to be of Aboriginal origin and means “very good”. 

Almerta is a comprehensive written and photographic record of all the events and activities throughout the school year.

The many photographs include sporting teams, music ensembles, the Old Girls; family and groups such as debating, HOPE (Help Our Planet Earth) and Vision Generation. Photos and reports from the various year groups from Kindergarten to Year 12 document the activities and achievements of that particular year for posterity. Special emphasis is placed on the Year 12s as this is their final year at the school so their reports and photos are the focus of this annual publication.

A copy of Almerta is distributed to each student on the final day of the academic year when a noticeable hush descends over the campus as staff and students alike are engrossed in reflecting on the past year. The Almerta DVD complements the original format and is distributed to Senior School students with the yearbook.