Year 11 Design IKEA Excursion

Year 11 Design students visited IKEA this term as part of their furniture design studies. The girls were asked to locate and study IKEA furniture that was clearly derived from the "Mid-Century Modern" style. They were also asked to measure children's furniture and record the information for their own children's furniture piece that they will be creating this semester. The students were a pleasure to work with on the excursion, and they seemed to be inspired by the many diverse displays in IKEA. Many thanks to the IKEA staff and to Mrs Pendlebury from the Art Department, for all of their assistance during the visit.

Year 12 Excursion to the Art Gallery of WA

The Year 12 Design students recently visited the Art Gallery of WA to view the "Year 12 Perspectives" exhibition. This exhibition showcased excellent examples of Western Australia's Year 12 art works, and, in particular, demonstrated how digital works are now commonly used in contemporary artworks. The students also visited the art gallery shop and studied exhibition retail items in preparation for their current design project – a three dimensional "pop up" book highlighting famous architects' works. Many thanks to the Art Gallery of Western Australia's staff for assisting in an inspiring and enjoyable excursion.

Ms Jodie Sanders

Teacher of Art

Afternoon drawing workshop with artist Tommaso Carozzi

This term, Tommaso Carozzi is leading an afternoon workshop on Illustration and Digital Design. Mr Carozzi is an Italian artist who has worked as an illustrator, stage designer and concept artist throughout Europe for the past ten years. Some of his artworks were exhibited at the Venice Biennale in the Art and Architecture pavilions. An enthusiastic, small group of students, ranging from Year 9 to Year 12, is therefore enjoying this unique opportunity to learn traditional, as well as innovative drawing techniques from a professional artist. It was interesting to notice that some of our students were already familiar with Mr Carozzi’s work through Pinterest, and the Art teachers were very excited to be able to contact him and welcome him as part of the team during his visit to Australia.

Excursions to the “Sculptures by the Sea” exhibition in Cottesloe

The Art Department recently took some of our Year 9 and Year 10 students on an excursion to Cottesloe. This venue annually hosts the “Sculptures by the Sea,” and this year several pieces were created by repurposing and recycling objects as well as from discarded materials. Students were encouraged to focus on this, which allowed them to decontextualize and change their perception of what constitutes “rubbish,” and to view these discarded objects for the potential they have of becoming something aesthetically valid and beautiful. During the excursion, some of our students had the opportunity to interact with one of the artists, Kerrie Argent, and to ask her questions about her work. Ms Argent’s piece was entirely made of colourful bottle lids and it referred to the five islands of floating rubbish, which now live permanently in our oceans and harm marine life. Therefore, this reflection on art and pollution proved to have several interdisciplinary links for our students.

Mrs Giada Dalli Cani

Teacher of Art

Jo Darbyshire Workshops for Year 12

Early in February, Jo Darbyshire, an esteemed Western Australian artist, conducted painting workshops with Year 12 Visual Arts students in two after-school sessions. Decalcomania and ‘Fat over thin’ acrylic and oil paint featured in artworks produced during the sessions. Ms Darbyshire will follow up these sessions on Saturday 5 April when students attend the weekend Art Camp.

Ms Keryn Cooper

Head of Art