Daily Worship is central to Anglicanism and we describe ourselves as a liturgical church. The Chapel of Saint Mary and the worship life of the school are the heart of our community.

Students attend chapel in their year group once per six day cycle and are encouraged to participate in the leadership of our services, and to understand the place of ritual, ceremony and liturgy in the life of the Christian community. Worship also gives expression and meaning to many aspects of what it means to be human helping us to both celebrate and mourn.

The Chapel is open on school days, during school hours for private prayer, meditation and the lighting of votive candles.

The ministry of the Church extends beyond the confines of the Chapel and the Chaplain is also available to those who wish to discuss matters of faith and to minister the sick and the grieving. Baptism, confirmation and first communion are offered annually to current students. Old Girls and parents who wish to be confirmed or baptised and confirmed may contact the Chaplain for advice or guidance in this matter.

Old Girls who wish to be married in the Chapel or to have their own children baptised can obtain further information and application forms here.

The School Hymn

Rise in the strength of God,
And face life's uphill way,
The steps which other feet have trod
You tread today.

Press onward, upward still,
To win your way at last,
With better hope and stronger will
Than in the past.

Life's work more nobly wrought,
Life's race more bravely run,
Life's daily conflict faced and fought,
Life's duty done.

The School Prayer

Almighty God, the fountain of all true knowledge and wisdom, by whose grace this foundation of St Mary's has progressed and prospered: make this School as a field which you bless, that whatsoever things are true, pure, lovely and of good report may here forever flourish and abide. Make it to be loved and honoured by all its members as an instrument of your glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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