The School crest includes three fleur de lis (stylised lily or iris), which is a sign of Christian faith. The School motto is fideliter, which is a Latin word meaning faithfully. The biannual school magazine is named Fideliter.

A competition to decide the School colours, motto and crest was held in the first term of 1921. This was won by Isabel Greig, who was awarded ten shillings and sixpence. Isobel chose maroon and royal blue, three white fleur de lis on a gold shield with a royal blue bar and fideliter as the motto.


The editorial of the 1926 Almerta (the School's Year Book) included this poem about the School motto: 

Our motto is 'Fideliter',
From 'Faithfullness' we never err;
Faithful to lend a helping hand,
And never sit while elders stand;
Faithful to home, and school, and work,
Faithful to serve, and not to shirk,
Faithful just to 'Play the Game',
And if we lose - smile all the same.