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St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School is thrilled with the achievements of the Class of 2017 and would like to congratulate the girls and acknowledge their very strong results in the recent WACE examinations. We also commend them all for the ongoing and considerable contributions they made to the school community during their time at St Mary’s. We are very proud of them.

The overall strength, as well as the hard work of the year group as a whole, is reflected in the ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks) achieved by the students. The median ATAR for 2017 was 91.45, compared to the state median of 81.40.

In 2017, St Mary’s had 163 students who achieved an ATAR and 18 who followed a General pathway. We are proud to announce the following impressive statistics:


Number of Students

% of cohort

Greater than or equal to 99.0
(top 1% of all students in WA)
14 8.6
Greater than or equal to 98.0
(top 2% of all students in WA)
29 17.8
Greater than or equal to 95.0
(top 5% of students in WA)
58 35.6
Greater than or equal to 90.0
(top 10% of all students in WA)
96 58.9
Greater than or equal to 80.0
(top 20% of all students in WA, and giving entry to UWA)
144 88.3

These results indicate the overall strength and academic depth of the group and they give our students a large range of choices for tertiary study in WA, interstate and overseas.

We congratulate our students on their achievements, and acknowledge our teachers for their commitment and dedication in assisting the students to reach their potential.

We await the announcement of award winners for General Exhibitions and Course Exhibitions, as well as Certificates of Excellence, Distinction and Merit.

Scholarship examinations for entry into Years 7 to 11 in 2019 will be held at the school on Saturday 7 April. For further information or to register to sit these examinations, please click here.