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St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School is thrilled with the achievements of the Class of 2017 and would like to congratulate the girls and acknowledge their very strong results in the recent WACE examinations. We also commend them all for the ongoing and considerable contributions they made to the school community during their time at St Mary’s. We are very proud of them.

To achieve four General Exhibitions in one year is a noteworthy success. Arshya Kulkarni (ranked 16th), Isobel Crabb (ranked 20th), Georgina Richardson (48th), and Holly Zhou (Special) are to be congratulated on achieving General Exhibitions, placing them among the top 50 students in Western Australia, calculated across five courses, with at least two humanities and two maths/science courses. What is particularly noteworthy, is to see the range of courses which contributed to these girls’ success: Biology, English, Chemistry, Economics, English as an Additional Language, French, Literature, Maths Applications, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Physics.

Charlotte Oliver was awarded a VET Exhibition as the top student demonstrating the most outstanding performance in an AQF Certificate. Charlotte’s industry area was Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

In addition to these General and VET Exhibitions, one St Mary’s student achieved a Subject Exhibition, acknowledging her as achieving the highest scaled WACE examination result in the state. Congratulations to Arshya Kulkarni for being the top French student. This is the second year in a row that a St Mary’s student has achieved this honour in this subject.

There were 16 Certificates of Excellence for students in the top 0.5% of the state. These students were:

  • Accounting and Finance - Lauren Evans
  • Biology - Scarlett Mavor
  • Chemistry - Isobel Crabb, Holly Zhou
  • Economics - Nisha Jayachitra
  • English - Sara Clarke, Isobel Crabb
  • French - Arshya Kulkarni
  • Geography - Teale Lyon, Sophie Massy
  • Literature - Abigail D’Sylva
  • Maths Applications - Lara Cicchini, Georgina Richardson
  • Media Production and Analysis - Angelica Garland
  • Physical Education Studies - Bridget Klemp
  • Tourism, Hospitality and Events - Charlotte Oliver

Charlotte Oliver is also a winner of an AustralianSuper award for Excellence in VET.

It is most gratifying to see the range of courses in which our students have excelled. 

In addition to the above awards, 46 Certificates of Distinction were achieved. For these certificates, points are awarded based on unit grades achieved and the difficulty level of courses. A Certificate of Distinction recognises a student who achieves 190 to 200 points, which can be accrued by achieving 20 A grades, or 18 A grades and 2 B grades, over Years 11 and 12, in ATAR courses.

An additional award, called a Certificate of Merit, can be achieved with a combination of high grades in ATAR and General courses, as well as VET qualifications. We congratulate 49 St Mary’s girls for attaining Certificates of Merit.

Two St Mary’s students are to be congratulated on being awarded prestigious scholarships as a result of their Year 12 achievements. Michaela Savage is the recipient of a UWA Fogarty Scholarship, and Kira Molloy has been recognised by Curtin University with their John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship, both of which are awarded to only ten recipients each year. Commendable achievements indeed.

The overall strength, as well as the hard work of the year group as a whole, is reflected in the ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks) achieved by the students. The median ATAR for 2017 was 91.45, compared to the state median of 81.40.

In 2017, St Mary’s had 163 students who achieved an ATAR and 18 who followed a General pathway. We are proud to announce the following impressive statistics:


Number of Students

% of cohort

Greater than or equal to 99.0
(top 1% of all students in WA)
14 8.6
Greater than or equal to 98.0
(top 2% of all students in WA)
29 17.8
Greater than or equal to 95.0
(top 5% of students in WA)
58 35.6
Greater than or equal to 90.0
(top 10% of all students in WA)
96 58.9
Greater than or equal to 80.0
(top 20% of all students in WA, and giving entry to UWA)
144 88.3

We congratulate our students on their achievements, and acknowledge our teachers for their commitment and dedication in assisting the students to reach their potential.These results indicate the overall strength and academic depth of the group and they give our students a large range of choices for tertiary study in WA, interstate and overseas.

Scholarship examinations for entry into Years 7 to 11 in 2020 will be held at the school in April 2019. For further information or to register to sit these examinations, please follow this link.