Having fun and making friends create wonderful school memories. When you have good friends and you are having fun, you feel like you belong. That sense of belonging and family are essential to boarding life at St Mary’s. Also essential to that life are the endless extracurricular and social opportunities available to the girls. There is always lots going on either planned or spontaneous that the girls can take advantage of.

Organising activities that the girls want to do is important, so, with their valuable input, our dedicated recreation officer (or Deputy Head of Boarding) create a detailed recreational program each term.

Examples of activities include:

  • Visits to the beach
  • Saturday sport
  • Socials with other schools
  • Ice-skating
  • Movies
  • Trips to the theatre, and more 

The boarding house also encourages girls to belong to a range of different sporting clubs and we provide transport to and from training and games.

Within the boarding house, the girls have a varied range of entertainment options, including:

  • Wii and Playstation
  • Board and outdoor games
  • Pool table
  • Outdoor table tennis table
  • Basketball ring
  • Book exchange programme

Our girls enjoy easy access to local shopping centres, Perth city and the beautiful Trigg Beach, or they can take some time out and relax in the School’s spacious, serene grounds.

Student leave from the boarding house is managed using an electronic system. When approving leave, the safety and happiness of your daughter are always our primary consideration.

With a house full of ‘sisters’ and plenty of recreational choices available, we believe your daughter will love boarding at St Mary’s.