Every student who passes through the gates of St Mary’s benefits from the exceptional generosity of past generations of benefactors, as well as those who support us today.

Philanthropy has helped St Mary’s to create the magnificent learning environment that students enjoy now, providing opportunities and experiences for the girls that have enriched their education.

We are deeply grateful to everyone – parents, Old Girls, staff past and present, and friends - who makes a gift to support St Mary’s, and we are honoured to thank them and recognise their support through our Foundation, the Bishop Riley Society, donor events and the pages of Thanks to You.

As we continue to look to the future, the School community's philanthropy will play a vital role in realising St Mary’s goal of ensuring a learning environment that inspires, excites and enlivens our girls.

We invite you to explore the many ways in which you can play a part in advancing St Mary’s for the benefit of our students.

To find out more about giving at St Mary’s, please contact the St Mary's Philanthropy team:

Jacinta Sirr-Williams
Director of Philanthropy
(08) 9341 9120

Louise Richardson
Community Relations Assistant
(08) 9341 9107