The Technology Department is committed to developing the technology skills of students throughout the school. The changing nature of education and the dynamic nature of technology mean staff are constantly developing new curricula and updating existing programmes to give students exposure to the cutting edge of this exciting learning area.

There are five networked computing laboratories; two of the laboratories operate on the Windows platform and the remainder are Apple. Over the years the girls are in the Senior School, they are given opportunities to use both platforms. With both software and hardware upgraded regularly, students are provided with cutting-edge technology allowing them to be prepared for the demands they will meet in our technological society. All subjects are encouraged to make use of the computer laboratories. Out of class time, students can use the facilities before school, during and after school. Boarders have access to the laboratories on weekday evenings.

Years 8, 9 and 10

All students in Years 8 and 10 participate in two periods per cycle of Information Technology courses and in Year 9 they participate in 3 periods per cycle. These courses expose students to a broad cross-section of technology skills including email, animations, internet safety, database management, spreadsheet modelling, word processing, multimedia and website design.   

Animation and Gaming

In year 9 and 10, The Animation course gives students a grounding in the basic principles of animation and visual effects that are used in films, computer games, music videos and on the television.  Students will start with Photoshop animation techniques and extend their skills with Flash and Game Maker.

Digital Design

In Year 9, students will learn the basic skills and literacy in the concepts and processes of visual design.  Students will explore a range of digital media production software, which can include visual communication, digital imaging, drawing, web games design, multimedia, animation and video game studies.


In Year 9, students build motorised models with computer programming in a specially designed Mindstorm language, to produce robots that can follow a line, avoid obstacles, react to sound or light and even dance. 

Technical Drawing

In Year 9 and 10, students are provided with a variety of scenarios encompassing real-world problems and develop innovative solutions.  This course gives insight into drawing and advertising office practices, both with pencil and computers; mechanical and architectural drawing.  This course is relevant for students interested in Engineering, Design, Architecture and Production.

Engineering Studies

In Year 10, students explore the design of structures, machines, products and systems.  The course will provide challenging, practical ways and opportunities for students to design and make things, solve problems and meet needs and market opportunities.

Graphic Design

In Year 10, students learn to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as they develop their technology skills.  Students explore a range of graphic design production software and create products, which can include logos, branding magazines, newspapers, books, advertisements, product packaging and websites.  This course is particularly relevant for students interested in Art and Graphic Design.

Years 11 and 12

Applied Information Technology

In this course, students use a range of computer hardware and software to create, manipulate and communicate information.  Using a range of applications, students investigate, design, construct and evaluate ICT solutions in a range of environments.  The result is a set of skills to equip the student for the 21st century and give them an appreciation of the impact of information technology on society in general.