St Mary’s Learning Support aims to provide a caring and flexible environment that understands and responds to the individual student’s physical, social, emotional and academic needs. We value inclusive education. Underpinning this is the belief that the student should have maximum access to the curriculum presented in the classroom.

Students identified as requiring additional assistance are offered a selection of evidence-based, innovative programs which focus on improving foundational literacy and numeracy and developing functional skills.

The learning program is underpinned by the following philosophies:

  • Provide systematic and explicit instruction.
  • Use a framework that provides a measure of independence, but at the same time assists the learner.
  • Target a student’s specific difficulty and provide appropriate strategies to address learning requirements.
  • Ensure that students achieve success by being placed on an appropriate level of work, thus increasing self-esteem and confidence.

Years 7 and 8

Students attend Learning Support in place of a language class for three periods per cycle.

Years 9 and 10

Students replace an elective subject to receive additional assistance in Learning Support.

Before- and After-School Programs

Before school, classes are available for students to work on an intensive spelling program. English skills short courses are offered before and after school for students in Years 11 and 12. The learning program covers the skills of analysing and answering examination questions, as well as planning, writing, proofreading and editing well-constructed essays. Students who have attended a short course are offered ongoing mentoring to assist in developing the skills covered.