Welcome from our 2020 Boarding Leaders

Welcome to our boarding family! We hope you enjoy your exciting journey ahead. Whether you need some advice or just want some company, we are here whenever you need us, so please visit us often. We would like to share a little bit about ourselves and our boarding story…

Ellen Bermingham – Wyndham | SENIOR BOARDER 

In 2017, I left my home in Wyndham to begin boarding at St Mary’s as a Year 9 student. There have been so many highlights because I have been surrounded by new friends and amazing opportunities. One of my favourite weekends was the Year 10 Boarders’ Camp at Metricup. The experience made our year group a lot closer and new connections were made. During the year, I love getting into the spirit of dress-ups at themed dinners and socials. As a boarding leader in 2020 I plan to make the boarding house a welcoming and inclusive environment so everyone can enjoy themselves and have fun. I will always be there for anyone who wants to have a chat or needs a helping hand.

Pip Chitty – Williams | CHAPEL BOARDER

I am from Williams, a small country town south of Perth. I started at St Marys in 2015 as a Year 7. Living with friends is great because you are never alone if you are sad, and you always have a ‘study buddy’ on hand. Also, the staff are very warm and genuinely interested in our wellbeing, which makes being away from home a lot easier. There is also a real sense of belonging within the School. Another highlight for me, is the fact that we are a short walk to the beach. As a 2020 boarding leader I plan to be a friendly face that the girls can come to when they need advice (or a good cuppa). It is important to me that everybody in the boarding house feels comfortable, so they can unwind after their day at school. I am looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces and welcoming new ones to the boarding house and having a fun and memorable year.

Cate Johnson – Houston, Texas | DANNATT WING 

I am sorry to tell you I am not from a farm and I cannot drive a ute. I wish. At the start of Year 10 I left my home in Houston Texas, USA, and started the fantastic journey of boarding at St Mary’s. What I love about boarding is that every girl is different, yet we all seem to work together as one big family. We are so lucky that St Mary’s offers so many activities ranging from surfing to drama and everything in between, so my number one piece of advice is to give everything a go. As a 2020 leader I want to make sure that every girl in my wing feels like they have someone they can laugh with, chat to and get through the hard times with. They can always come to my room for a chat (and snacks).

Georgie Crichton - Gnowangerup | HAMILTON WING

I live on a farm in Gnowangerup, a small country town roughly south east of Perth. I joined the St Mary’s boarding family in 2015, when I was in Year 7. I love the boarding house because I have had the opportunity to meet lots of different girls and make lifelong friends. I also love the annual trips to Adventure World and Rottnest Island, which are loads of fun. Another highlight of boarding is the yummy food Chef Eric cooks us! My top tip for making the most out of boarding would be to ask for help if you need it; the house mothers, tutors and older girls are all here if you need help. As a 2020 boarding leader, I plan to make sure that everyone is included and has lots of fun in the boarding house. I will always be there to listen or to help with any issues.

Bree Northey – Northam | MACDONALD WING

I moved from my home in Northam, in the Wheatbelt, to begin my boarding journey at St Mary’s in 2016 as a Year 8. My favourite part of boarding is being surrounded by the best bunch of girls, who I now call my sisters. Being a boarder also means you have over 180 wardrobes full of clothes to borrow. My advice for making the most out of life as a boarder is to stay in the boarding house at least every second weekend because it is a good time to develop friendships and make lots of memories. As a 2020 boarding wing captain I plan to make sure all girls, new and old, feel welcome and included in our family.

 Caitlin Calvert – Gairdner | MITCHELL WING

I joined St Mary’s in 2016 as a Year 8 boarder. I grew up and live on our family farm in Gairdner, 500km south east of Perth. St Mary’s offers students so many amazing opportunities but being a boarder gives you double the amount. I have two older brothers, so living with more than 180 girls was a big change, but something I treasure. Boarding allows you to make connections with so many different and amazing people. I love that there is always someone who can help or talk to. In my role as a 2020 boarding leader I plan to provide support and guidance to girls in all years, particularly those having a difficult time adjusting to life as a boarder and make their transition as smooth as possible. I hope that we can make this a year to remember.

Kaitlyn Shaw - Beverley | MYLES WING 

I am from Beverley, a small-town east of Perth, and joined the St Mary’s boarding community in 2015 as a Year 7. One of my favourite things about boarding is the closed weekend at the beginning of the year, which is a whole heap of fun. Another highlight is that I have met my best friends here. Living with more than 180 other girls can be challenging at times but it gives you the opportunity to meet so many girls and form wonderful relationships. My top tip for making the most out of boarding is always be your crazy self. As a 2020 boarding leader I hope to create a positive and kind environment and include everyone in all activities. I wish everyone a successful and enjoyable year.

Casey Lane – Three-Springs | TOTHILL WING 

I come from Three-Springs, approximately 330km north east of Perth, and began my boarding adventure in 2015 as a Year 7 student. There are so many highlights of boarding, but the biggest one would have to be the food. Chef Eric and his team make the most wonderful cuisine. Another highlight is all the friends you make, and those who become like sisters. The girls are by your side every step of the way and make it so much more fun. Being surrounded by incredible staff members, who are willing to do absolutely anything for you, is also great. As a 2020 boarding leader I want to create a deeper sense of community and connection between all year groups and am prepared to comfort and support all the amazing and beautiful girls in our boarding family.

For the second consecutive year, our Head Girl is also a boarder…

Molly Addis – Cranbrook | HEAD GIRL

I became a boarder at St Mary’s in 2015 as a Year 7. I come from a sheep farm in the Shire of Cranbrook, 4 hours south of Perth. You really do become sisters in the boarding house. It is when a bunch of girls from different year groups end up lounging around and start talking celebrity gossip or the latest AFL recruitments that make boarding feel like a home. My number one tip to make the most out of your boarding journey is knock on the door, and not just to be polite. I mean be brave and get out of your room and make friends with the girls around you. In 2020 I plan to be a friendly face and help others have fun within the boarding house and at school. My aim is to bring day girls and boarders together, whether it be through sport, art, or just silly, fun activities.