Meet our 2019 Boarding Leaders

Daisy Elliott – Kojonup | SENIOR BOARDER 

In 2015, I left home in Kojonup and started boarding in Year 8 at St Marys. My favourite thing about boarding is that there are always people around you, whether you’re wanting to study, play games, watch movies or tell stories, you always have company. There is also always something new to look forward to everyday and I aim to make 2019 the best year it can be for all the girls on their boarding journey. I plan to uphold the positive and fun energy within the boarding house and keep the girls on their toes. I will be working alongside the Year 12s to provide support and advice to all the girls in the house, as well as acting as their big sisters.  

Keely Wooding – Margaret River | CHAPEL BOARDER

I’m from Margaret River and started boarding at St Marys in 2015 when I was in Year 8. My highlights of boarding at St Mary’s would have to be the friends that I have made. I love being able to live with my friends, not only from my year group, but girls from all years.  This year, my goal is to make everyone feel that they belong in our community. I think it is important that all the girls feel comfortable and are included in the boarding house. Boarding should be like going home, a break from school. The girls leading the boarding house this year all understand how important this is, and we will be working together as a team.

Shannae Millsteed – Wongan Hills | DANNATT WING 

I came to St Mary’s in 2015, when I was in Year 8. I came from my family farm near Wongan Hills, and it was the first time I’d ever moved schools. As a 2019 Boarding Leader, I plan to be a friend to as many girls as I can. I want everyone to be able to visit me if they have any questions or need someone to talk to. I will also be adding another element of fun to the Wings with new decorations and games. Also, as I am passionate about sustainability, I want to improve the school’s impact on the environment.  I think becoming more conscious about plastic, electricity and water usage in our everyday lives is a great step in the right direction.

Tahlia Inkster - Condingup | TOTHILL WING

I started boarding at St Mary’s in 2016 and come from a small town 100km East of Esperance called Condingup. As a 2019 Boarding Leader at St Mary’s I plan to bring all the year groups together and create a very open and welcoming environment within the house. I also want to ensure that it’s a very hospitable and friendly place for the new girls, especially those coming into the boarding house in older years. I would also like to find ways to help with the food waste created from the dining room, such as creating a boarding house chook yard.

Alivia Schell – Goomalling | MYLES WING

I joined The St Mary’s boarding community in 2014 as a Year 7. I come from the small wheatbelt town of Goomalling, where I grew up on a farm with my parents and sisters. Highlights of my journey at St Mary’s include being surrounded by the wonderful staff (our Housemothers) who take care of us day and night, making sure we always have what we need. As a boarding Wing Captain in 2019, I plan to keep the boarding house as inviting and happy as it was when I started and ensure that nobody feels left out or forgotten. The boarding house can be both a wonderful and scary place for some at times, but my aim is to make sure that whoever needs someone to talk to or just a kind hello, will find it with me.

Zara Sewell – Dowerin | MITCHELL WING

I joined the St Mary’s boarding family in 2014 when I was in Year 7. I am from a small country town called Dowerin in the Wheatbelt. The best part of boarding are the friendships and sisters you make. As a 2019 Boarding Leader, I plan to ensure to the best of my ability that the boarding house is a friendly and welcoming environment.  I want to build a greater sense of community amongst all the year groups, not just with my Wing but throughout the entire boarding house. I hope to interact with all year groups to ensure they feel comfortable around me, so they can come and talk to me whenever they need anything.

Bridie Teakle - Northampton | HAMILTON WING 

I joined the St Marys boarding family in 2017 as a Year 10, from a small town in the Midwest called Northampton. Although my boarding experience hasn’t been a long one, the amount of opportunities that have been available for me are beyond amazing. As a 2019 Boarding Leader at St Mary’s, I plan to give the new girls an awesome start to their first year in boarding. I will keep them constantly updated on all extracurricular activities within the boarding house and at school, as I want to get them involved in as much as possible.

Claudia Parker – Esperance | MACDONALD WING 

I began boarding at St Mary’s in 2017 as a new Year 10. I am from the town of Esperance which is approximately 700km South-East of Perth. I plan to make 2019 a year of growth and enjoyment for everyone. As a leader, I will provide the boarding family with nothing but encouragement and support as we all face new challenges throughout the year. My wish for everyone for 2019 is to make the most out of the year and share as many laughs and memories as you can.