St Mary's Anglican Girls' School is home to more than 185 boarding students from both rural WA and overseas.


Meet our boarding leader
Louisa Stead
Senior Boarder
I live on a farm an hour away from the beautiful town of Esperance which is about 750km south of Perth. At home I live with my parents and three brothers.
At first the idea of living with so many girls made me nervous! Five years on, these girls are like my sisters and I have made so many lifelong connections.
I was lucky to have some other Esperance girls in residence with me and I soon found the rhythms of boarding and now I just love it. It really does feel like a ‘home away from home’.
I know that the boarding journey is different for everyone, but I will be forever grateful that I have had the opportunity to board. I absolutely love boarding and the many friendships that I have created from all over WA and overseas. I hope you’ll consider St Mary’s boarding for your daughter.


Meet our boarding leader, Charlotte Packer
Sara Clarke
Chapel Boarder
I live in Singapore and have done so for the past three years. Before that I did all of my primary years schooling in a dusty mining town about 12,000km north east of Perth. The red dirt of Newman stuck with me as I started boarding in 2013 as a Year 8.
I have two older brothers who both boarded, so living with 180 girls sounded interesting. I didn’t know a single person at first, but soon discovered what a wonderful bunch of people there are living in boarding at St Mary’s.
Boarding is a massive adventure full of sky high ups and a few downs. It’s a place where you will make lifelong friends akin to sisters and hope you’ll love the place as much as I do.


Meet our boarding leader, Jordan Dowdell
Lily Moore
Wing Captain
I am from Karratha, a mining and gas town located 1,600 km north of Perth. My boarding journey at St Mary’s began in Year 9 and my sister, Finlay joined me the following year. My favourite part of boarding is getting to make friends with girls of all ages and so many different backgrounds. I feel blessed to have been given such amazing opportunities during my time here.
I think boarding offers so much that just is not  necessarily present in rural communities. My advice to future boarders is to not be afraid to make friends with girls in other year groups and to smile often. It is nice to have the support of the older girls, especially with study and I hope like me, your daughters will cherish their time in boarding.


Meet our boarding leader, Marlanie Haerewa
Madeleine McArthur
Wing Captain
I live in a small town in the Kimberley, approximately 2,500km north of Perth called Derby. I started boarding as a Year 7 student, and would describe St Mary’s as an encouraging, supportive and exciting place to call home. I feel like my boarding journey has gone by so quickly, and here I am, in my last year at St Mary’s and a leader within our boarding community.
I think boarding provides girls with lots of opportunities and a strong sense of independence. Our boarding house has a very supportive community. It is truly like a family, with more than 180 sisters, where the younger girls are always encouraged to visit the older girls, and we are always happy to help them with any problems they may have, including homesickness or even small questions about school. Being one big house allows us to create a very special home and bond.


Meet our boarding leader, Sophie Mollett
Olivia Brown
Wing Captain
I come from a small town, which is a three-hour drive east of Perth, called Quairading. I live with my Mum and Dad, two brothers and my many pets. Our farm consists of the breeding of Marino sheep and cropping of wheat, canola, lupines and many more. I started my boarding journey here at St Mary’s in Year 8. My favourite part of boarding is the ability to live with my closest friends and to create connections with people from all over the state, even the world as we have a handful of international boarders at St Mary’s.
It’s a fun, supportive, exciting team environment, truly like a family. If I could give a future boarder some advice it would be, to take every opportunity in your stride and to strive to create as many friends as possible. I hope you’ll consider a St Mary’s boarding journey; it’ll be brilliant.


Cassie Gibson
Wing Captain
I live on a cropping and sheep farm in Munglinup, about 120km west of Esperance, with my parents, older brother and sister, pet horse, Toby and two Kelpie sheep dogs. I started boarding in Year 7 and my favourite part of the journey has been the many friendships and connections that I have made.
I think that boarding provides a wide range of benefits. I have become more independent and had so many opportunities which have broadened my outlook to life and benefited me both now and in the future.
I think St Mary’s is a great school with lots of fabulous facilities. I encourage you to come and have a look at what it could offer your daughter.


Kirsten Thomson
Wing Captain
My non term-time home is in Tammin, a Wheatbelt town about 200km East of Perth, on a farm with my two parents and older sister Mikaela who also boarded at St Mary’s and graduated in 2015.
I love the sense of family within our boarding community. Everyone is always willing to listen and offer advice when it is needed. It is a warm, supportive and nurturing place to call home during the term.
I believe that boarding teaches students to cope in environments where lots of people are constantly around and it also helps girls build many interpersonal skills which will assist us in our life post boarding. It’s very much a team approach at St Mary’s.


Katie Quinlivan
Wing Captain
I am an Esperance boarder who lives with my mum, my dad and a wide menagerie of animals. My dad is a broad acre farmer with 4500 hectares which farms wheat, Barley, Canola, Lupins, Oats, beef cattle and prime SAMS sheep.
I started my boarding experience in Year 10 and I’ve just loved my time here at St. Mary’s. Being an only child and coming to a boarding house with over 180 girls, was pretty daunting at first but I soon learnt to just get involved and I love my boarding family.
Although boarding will never beat home, it has certainly become a safe haven and enjoyable place for me. Come and let us show you what a St Mary’s boarding experience could be like for your daughter.


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