We at St Mary’s are immensely proud of our Old Girls, their successful and often influential careers, the ground-breaking paths they have trod, the risks they have taken, the contributions they have made to society and the inspiration they provide to future generations of Old Girls.
In our first publication of St Mary’s Women, we highlight the careers of just some of the exceptional Old Girls who have graduated from St Mary’s since 1997. Theirs are compelling and inspirational stories. 
We look forward to future similar publications which further illustrate the diversity of our Old Girls. The one thing that links them, however, is the years they have spent exploring ideas, developing as people and enjoying the experience that form a St Mary’s education.
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Lynne Thomson

Jessica Gethin

Jessica Gethin (Walker '97)

Conductor and Professional Musician

"Working with major international artists from a diverse range of musical genres has been exciting, challenging and rewarding."

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Kylie Giles

Kylie Giles (Wheeler '97)

Olympic Heptathlete

"I was encouraged in and received a well-rounded education, for which I am grateful, as now, in my post-athletic days, I have a number of options to pursue."

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Ashleigh Gillon

Ashleigh Gillon ('98)


"St Mary's encourages girls to believe that with hard work, they can achieve whatever they set their mind to."

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Pilar Mata Dupont

Pilar Mata Dupont ('98)


"After many years of hard work and very little pay, I now work as a full-time artist and performer."

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Jonte Pike

Jonté Pike ('07)

Fashion Designer

"The last two years have seen the Jonté label showcasing at Perth Fashion Festival, Perth Fashion Week, Melbourne Fashion Aid, and Sunshine Coast Fashion Week."

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Emily Plank

Emily Plank ('02)

Small Business Owner and Linguist

"Running my own business has taught me a lot of things - namely in terms of accounting, marketing and networking - and I enjoy the independence that comes with being my own boss."

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Nikki Stamp

Nikki Stamp ('98)

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

"I think I tried just about anything I could at school and it has made me a very well rounded person, always willing to try my hand at new adventures and opportunities."

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Alison Steer

Alison Steer ('00)


"One of the lasting impacts of my time at St Mary's is the wonderful friends I made."

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Rachael Young

Rachael Young ('00)


"St Mary's gave me a strong sense of self-worth, optimism about the power of good education and many lasting friendships which would prove to be a strong source of support and inspiration."

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