Designed by the school's architects, St Mary's at Metricup has been developed with the school's needs in mind and is able to accommodate students for both academic and outdoor education programmes.

The facilities have been designed and constructed in a manner which maximises their environmental sustainability. They capitalise on their immediate environment, exploiting the superb views across the property's valley and dams and utilising solar design principles by making use of the site's northern aspect and winter sun. 

The Living Centre is the interactive hub of Metricup, providing an inspiring environment for teaching and learning. An open and inviting space in the heart of the complex, it houses a large recreation/dining area, which doubles as an adaptable learning environment, and is equipped with a kitchen, cool room and dry store. 

Dormitories are purpose-built and offer a comfortable haven with modern facilities for over 100 girls and eight staff. Each of the four dormitories is divided into smaller sleeping areas and has a laundry/wet area, drying rooms, and toilet and shower facilities. A covered walkway links the dormitories to the Living Centre.

The Living Area at St Mary's at Metricup  Dormitories at St Mary's at Metricup
The Living Area Dormitories

 Bunk Beds at St Mary's at Metricup Common Room at St Mary's at Metricup
Bunk Beds One of many common rooms

The Staff Cottage sleeps ten staff members and provides a dedicated room for first aid.

The Camping Area

The camping area is set in spacious grassy pasture and native bushland, providing a beautiful setting where students can live and learn in the natural environment. In 2012, 20 canvas eco tents, providing accommodation for 80 students and 8 staff, and a large communal eco tent  for group activities were installed. The camping area also includes a toilet and shower block.

                                                                                                                                                                                   The Camping ground at St Mary's at Metricup

The Dams and Vineyard

The dams are both spring-fed and are used for canoeing, kayaking and water-based recreation. The dams are also the focus for the study of aquaculture, allowing girls to apply their knowledge and practical skills in Biology and Chemistry. An island sanctuary, with access by a bridge, is situated in the centre of the upper dam, providing a picturesque setting for quiet contemplation.

A Vineyard was planted between the Centre and the lower dam in late 2008, and is already producing chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. Students will continue to help to develop the property through land use, such as agriculture and viticulture.

 One of the dams at Metricup  The vineyard
One of the dams at Metricup The vineyard