Food Science courses introduce students to the value of healthy eating and its effect on their well-being as well as stimulating a life-long enjoyment of cooking and developing basic and advanced practical skills.

Years 8, 9 and 10

Students can opt to study Food and Nutrition where they are encouraged to build a sound knowledge of the skills required to work with food. The activities in class assist students to formulate valuable life skills in food preparation as well as understanding nutrition. These skills empower students to take control of their food choices and therefore their health and well-being. Students cover a range of topics throughout the three years of learning. Examples of topics covered are:

  • Technological advances in food
  • Healthy Eating for Healthy Living
  • Understanding Cooking Processes
  • Food Commodities
  • Tastes Around the World

In Year 10 students can also choose to study Cake Making and Patisserie. The skills developed in this subject will provide a leisure activity which gives personal satisfaction and will assist any student considering career possibilities in the food industry. Examples of projects are:

  • Chocolate gateaux
  • Use of a range of pastry making techniques
  • Children's novelty cakes
  • Modelling with sugar icing
  • Christmas cake

Years 11 and 12

Food Science and Technology 

Both the General and ATAR level courses are offered to students.
The ATAR course is an examinable subject in Year 12 and can contribute to university entrance. The General course contributes only to graduation requirements.

 The content in both of the courses is designed to focus on four main areas

  • Understanding food
  • Developing food opportunities
  • Working in food environments
  • Understanding food in society

Both courses provide students with opportunities to develop their food-related interests and understandings through the design and production of food-related products, services and systems.