Year 10

The course focuses on ways in which the Australian economy produces, distributes and consumes goods and services. Topics covered include the operation of markets and the causes and consequences of economic growth, inflation and unemployment. All Year 10 students study the Economics course.

Years 11 and 12

Economics is a tertiary entrance scoring subject. ATAR Economics courses investigate the choices which all people, groups and societies face as they confront the ongoing problem of satisfying their unlimited wants with a limited amount of resources. The study of Economics supports an understanding of the nature of decision-making, our demands for the allocation of resources and how we distribute those resources. This is done in the context of the global economy and Australia's role as an international citizen.

In Year 11 students study the ATAR Units 1 and 2, both of which are set in the context of Australia's modified market economy. Unit 1 is an introduction to microeconomic theory with an emphasis on the importance of competitive markets. Unit 2 is an introduction to Macroeconomics with an emphasis on contemporary economic conditions.

Year 12 students study the Stage 3 courses, both of which are set in the context of an increasingly integrated world economy. The 3A course introduces students to the theory of international trade with an emphasis on globalisation. The 3B course is one of macroeconomic theory and its use in developing policy tools to manage the Australian economy. All four courses involve students examining factors influencing the performance of the Australian economy against the criteria of efficiency and equity and the policy response to that performance.