The International Music Scholarship is available to students entering Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 or Year 11.

Any combination of instruments and/or voice may be offered. Although students should be approximately Grade 7 standard, or above, on their principal instrument, some candidates will be given consideration for an award even if the standard is below Grade 7, provided that sufficient evidence of potential is shown. A second instrument, or experience of singing in choirs, will be a distinct advantage.

It is expected that all students on scholarships will work and practise hard and show musical leadership by playing a full and active part in school music activities. Music scholarship holders are also required to select the classroom academic music subjects offered in the curriculum in Year 10. In Years 11 and 12, they are required to take WACE Music as part of their academic curriculum.

The Scholarship offers the following:

· Free music tuition

· 50% remission of academic tuition

· 50% remission of boarding fees

If interested, please view the International Music Scholarship Handbook and fill out the application package and return to the school.