Enterprise and Business Technology

In Year 10, this course is designed to give an easy and practical insight into the basic principles of small business management, so that when a bright idea for a new business emerges, it is considered with common sense, planning and advise. Students will cover the essential elements of a business plan including marketing, operations and bookkeeping.

Young People and The Law

In Year 10, this course is designed to give students a general knowledge of the law and legal institutions, particularly in areas relevant to young people. It is also intended to provide a useful background for girls who are considering law as a career. Some areas students will cover include criminal and civil law, law relating to the family, contract law as well as participating in a mock trial.

Managing Money

All Year 10’s will explore some aspects of the world of finance. The ability to understand and use financial systems for the control of personal affairs and businesses is relevant for all students in their future as employees, employers or entrepreneurs and as future investors. Having an understanding of financial matters is essential whether at a personal or business level. Students will be introduced to concepts, principles and terminology used in financial decision-making and management on a personal basis.


Year 11 and 12

Business Management and Enterprise

This course aims to prepare all students for a future where they will need to identify possibilities and create opportunities within a business environment. In an age when many business practices and ethical standards are being examined, this course will give individuals the ability to make sound and ethical decisions based on knowledge and understanding. It aims to empower students to make business decisions based on critical thinking and which are in line with their own values and the values of the society. Students will be well equipped to be proactive participants in the dynamic world of business, behaving responsibly and demonstrating integrity in business activities.

Accounting and Finance

This course aims to make students financially literate by creating an understanding of the systems and processes through which financial practices and decision-making are carried out, as well as the ethical, social and environmental issues involved.  It will help students to analyse and make informed decisions about their finances, both personal and business.