Year 10

In Year 10, students take a Career Education course which begins their preparation for life after school. They begin to identify their strengths and weaknesses, values and goals and become aware of the range of tertiary education opportunities and employment paths. Students participate in Work Experience as part of this course.

The Young People and the Law option in Year 10 provides a useful background for girls who are considering the law as a career.

An annual Careers Fair, open to all students, is held at St Mary's or Hale School and we welcome forty-five exhibitors from diverse occupations and university faculties.

Year 11 - Workplace Learning-Generic Skills

Year 11 students are given the opportunity to undertake 120 hours of industry experience in an area of interest to them. This is a graded subject that carries weight for TAFE entry and provides valuable background for choosing the most relevant certificate training through the CareerLink programme in Year 12. Many of our students are offered casual employment as a result of these placements and important networking is established.

Years 12 CareerLink

This programme offers students the opportunity to develop specific workplace skills and obtain certificate qualifications whilst continuing at school. Students spend one day per week studying at TAFE (or an equivalent private provider) and completing Workplace Learning with an employer in a relevant industry area. The completion of full certificate qualifications provides students with additional entry points for TAFE enrolment, making this programme ideally suited to TAFE-bound students. Universities also allow alternative pathways to many courses and CareerLink students can gain access to universities through such pathways.