Established in 1925, the St Mary's Old Girls' Association (OGA) fosters fellowship amongst former students and encourages Old Girls to maintain their links with the School. The OGA also financially supports many of the School's building programmes, offers Scholarships and Bursaries to the daughters or granddaughters of members and is a Trustee of the St Mary's Anglican Girls' School Foundation.

Former students of St Mary's are invited to join the Association as Life Members. Since 1996, the St Mary's Anglican Girls' School Foundation has joined each Year 12 girl as a Life Member of the Association. At their annual Valedictory Service, each Year 12 Leaver receives her Fleur de Lis necklace and certificate and is formally welcomed to the OGA.


Your 2021 Old Girls' Association Committee

President and Board of Governors Representative
Mrs Amy Dawson (Fraser '94)

Vice President
Mrs Jane Crisp (Cyprian '81)

Miss Brooke Sanderson ('03)

Treasurer and St Mary's Foundation Representative
Mrs Bree Rosagro (Buxton '98)

Chapel Liaison
Mrs Margaret Jago (Parker '72)

Membership Officer and Memorabilia Sales
Mrs Shelley Civitico (Robson '73)

Parents’ Society Representative
Mrs Kristine Gillmore (Headling '87)

St Mary's Auxiliary Representative
Mrs Daina De Mattia (Gale '90)

Committee Members
Mrs Necia Drazevic (Moffet '87)
Miss Hannah Jago ('07)
Mrs Julie Martin (Huxtable '73)
Mrs Julie O'Meara (Grose '81)
Reverend Joyce Polson

Committee Meeting Dates

Committee meetings are open to all Old Girls and take place at Senior School Administration at 7.00pm.

In 2022 they will be held on:

  • 8 February
  • 8 March
  • 10 May
  • 14 June
  • 9 August
  • 13 September
  • 8 November

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 31 March at 7.00pm in Senior School Administration.

Any Life Member who would like to discuss a committee role is invited to contact the President, Mrs Amy Dawson (Fraser '94).

Life Membership

By becoming a Life Member of the OGA you will be supporting the OGA scholarship and bursary programme which assists students and daughters/granddaughters of Old Girls, as well as contributing to OGA activities. For further information regarding Life Membership of the OGA please click here.

Contact Us

Amanda Kemp, Alumni Relations Manager
Postal Address: PO Box 105, Karrinyup WA 6921
Email: oga@stmarys.wa.edu.au
Telephone: (08) 9341 9132