'For my parents St Mary's epitomised for me a world they had never envisaged for themselves - a learning environment of high academic standards, a caring holistic culture and strong values. From Year 1 to Year 12 my love for learning and understanding for a generosity of spirit was nurtured. After receiving an academic scholarship I also saw how the weight of the world seemed to come off my dad's financial shoulders. I am leaving money in my Will to St Mary's for student and teacher scholarships so other young girls have the opportunity to lay the foundations for a positive life for themselves and others. I am proud to be a St Mary's Old Girl.'

Elizabeth Carr ('81) 

'St Mary's is a very special place for me - as a boarder in the early 1960s it was my home. I have very fond memories of  my time at school, the friends I made and the fine start it gave me in life. When I made my Will, I thought about all the people and causes that are important to me and where I could make a difference. By supporting St Mary's through a bequest I can help to maintain an educational environment at the highest level for future generations of students.'

Marlene Carter ('63)