The School Prayer and Hymn have been used at St Mary's since it was first established and are attributed to Bishop C. L. Riley, the then Parish Priest and School Principal.


Almighty God, the fountain of all true knowledge and wisdom,
by whose grace this foundation of St Mary's has progressed
and prospered; make this school as a field which you bless,
that whatsoever things are true, pure, lovely and of good report
may here forever flourish and abide. Make it to be loved and
honoured by all its members as an instrument of your glory,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Rise in the strength of God
And face life's uphill way.
The steps which other feet have trod,
You tread today.

Press onward, upward still
To win your way at last,
With better hope and stronger will
Than in the past.

Life's work more nobly wrought,
Life's race more bravely run,
Life's daily conflict faced and fought,
Life's duty done.