Scholarships help ease the financial burden on boarding families and at St Mary’s, we have boarding scholarships available to students entering the School in Years 7 and 8, while there is also a scholarship available to girls heading into Year 10.

Boarding scholarships are advertised on our website from November each year, with applications closing in March. Testing then takes place in April.

For Year 7, the Board of Governors offers a number of scholarships which provide part remission of tuition fees for each of the final six years of secondary schooling. On some occasions, full scholarships are provided.

For Year 8, the Board offers a limited number of scholarships that cover up to half of the tuition fees, (and occasionally higher than 50%) for each of five years of secondary schooling.

Year 10 boarding scholarships provide part remission of tuition fees for the final three years of secondary schooling.

The selection criteria for choosing boarding scholarship recipients are based on a number of factors, including academic results, participation in extracurricular activities and community-based involvement.

Click here for further information regarding our Scholarship programme.

For Scholarship enquiries, please call Mrs Gaye Giglia, Office Supervisor on (08) 9341 9111.