Executive Committee

The role of President is for a period of two years. As President, you are required to: preside over the St Mary’s Auxiliary meetings, providing guidance for discussions and decisions on fund allocations; coordinate support for Senior and Junior School events when required, with the respective Vice President; coordinate support for music department events; provide guidance and assistance to class representatives; coordinate and organise the two major fundraising events; liaise with Mrs Tudball and Mrs Adams. Traditionally this position is held by a Senior School parent or a parent with both junior and senior school experience, with some experience with the St Mary’s Auxiliary.

Vice President, Senior School
This is a role to be undertaken for a one-year period, with the view to follow into the position of President. It involves assisting with Senior School events such as swimming carnivals and helping organise Senior School Orientation support. This role is for a parent with a child in Senior School. Experience as a Class Representative is an advantage, but not a prerequisite.

Vice President, Junior School

This is a one-year position for a parent of a Junior School child. It involves assisting with Junior School events such as swimming carnivals, athletics carnivals, Orientation Day, and Grandparents’ Day. Experience as a class representative is an advantage, but not a prerequisite.

Honorary Secretary
The Secretary of the Committee is responsible for taking minutes at each of the committee meetings, then distributing these via email to all committee members, class representatives, Mrs Tudball and Mrs Adams. The Secretary also keeps the Record of Attendance Books used at each meeting.

Honorary Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for controlling the St Mary’s Auxiliary financial accounts and coordinating with the School’s Finance Department. The Treasurer needs to monitor progress of long-term accounts and provide financial feedback to the committee.

Senior Library Convenor

This position involves liaising with the Senior School Librarian and providing reports on any library news (e.g. Book Week) to the committee at each meeting.

Junior Library Convenor

This position involves liaising with the Junior School Librarian and providing reports on any library news (eg Book Week) to the committee at each meeting.

In addition, members are nominated to represent the Foundation, Parents’ Society, Friends of Music and the Old Girls’ Association.

Class/Year Representatives

The role of the class representative is an important one in our school community. The role is basically one of ‘group communicator’. You are encouraged to initiate and organise social gatherings within your class/year, facilitating a greater sense of school spirit and community.

  • Liaise with your child’s class teacher (Junior School only). On occasions teachers may request help with particular projects or events this may need to be communicated to the class parent group (e.g. art projects or reading helpers).
  • Welcome new families to St Mary's and our Auxiliary by offering fellowship and assistance. It is important to be able to foster a sense of belonging and friendship in our school community.
  • Organise social outings to encourage group participation.
  • Co-ordinate links between families whose children participate in common school activities.
  • Support St Mary's Auxiliary functions and activities. There are events during the year where you will be asked to offer assistance.
  • One representative from each year group presents a brief report at each Auxiliary meeting.
  • If you are unable to attend meetings, we request a message of apology for our records, and you will receive minutes from the meeting when they are distributed to all committee members and class representatives.
  • Liaise with your year group on St Mary’s Auxiliary meeting information. At our meetings we are provided with information that may be of interest to your year group.
  • Participate in rotational roster for St Mary’s Auxiliary afternoon tea. Each year group has one turn a year to set up and supply afternoon tea at the conclusion of our meeting.

Please do not feel that this is an onerous position to undertake – it is a fun way of interacting with people in your class, year, and the School in general. The role can be as ‘big’ or ‘small’ as you make it!

The key elements are simply ‘friendship’ and the wonderful St Mary’s feeling of community!