Our Junior School staff are both deliberate and intentional in achieving a shared vision for STEM. Together with students, we are committed to our STEM vision statement: “Prepare our girls for a complex, challenging and changing world that will require creative, global solutions.”

To support this vision statement through to fruition, staff provide each girl with innovative and authentic opportunities to observe, be immersed in, and to develop critical and creative thinking skills across STEM learning areas.


Science is alive in our Junior School. We are excited to run a Scientist-in-Residence programme with Dr Tabitha Yngstrom. Dr Tab works with our students each week to question, predict, experiment, observe and record scientific investigations to enhance their learning in our purpose-built science lab.


Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 use technology to enhance many learning experiences. iPads and laptops are used in the lower year levels during small group activities. By Years 3 and 4, the students use a school iPad daily to complete specific learning outcomes. In Years 5 and 6, the girls own and manage their own Apple laptop with our 1:1 program.


Engineering can look quite varied throughout the Junior School. Whether the girls are constructing with raw materials, building with Lego or programing robots, we encourage them to design, produce, test and redesign during the engineering process to solve real-world problems.


At the heart of any robust STEM activity is a strong mathematical understanding. In the Junior School, we are committed to providing targeted mathematics programs to build each student’s confidence and competence.