Every student who passes through the gates of St Mary’s today benefits from the exceptional generosity of past generations of benefactors. 

Financial support from the school community to fund buildings, provide prizes, books and equipment, as well as the fundraising efforts of the girls themselves ensured the school's survival in its early years. The school’s move from its cramped site at West Perth to the open sands at Karrinyup in the 1960s was made possible only with the contribution of over $60 000 from parents, Old Girls and friends.  Their names are honoured and recorded on a plaque at the entrance to Senior School Administration.

Gifts from our community have put in place some of St Mary’s outstanding facilities which enrich the learning opportuntiies we can offer our students. Scholarships, bursaries and prizes have also been gifted to the school, encouraging our brightest students and enabling those who may not otherwise be able to attend St Mary's to benefit from a St Mary’s education.

With the generous support of our donors, St Mary’s is able to provide students with a magnificent learning environment.

By supporting the work of the Foundation, you can play your part in ensuring that future generations of St Mary’s girls continue to flourish and that our tradition of generosity lives on.