A Day in the Life

Our Year 7 boarding students recently wrote about what a typical day is like for them at the St Mary's boarding house, and thought it would be helpful for other girls to learn about how much fun it is.

Details such as room configurations and bedtimes vary across age groups.

7.00am: Wake up. The house mothers wake you up each morning by knocking on your door and saying ‘Good Morning'. It is pretty much like home.

Shower/Change. You are not allowed to go to breakfast in your pyjamas so most of us shower and get ready for school before breakfast. Some of the girls go to breakfast early. You can also have sport training before school so this makes your mornings a little busier, but they also have a 'grab and go' breakfast if you are really busy.

8.00am: Breakfast finishes. We have lots of different things for breakfast including cooked breakfast, fresh fruit salad, bircher muesli, yoghurt and flavoured milk. Our Chef (Eric) is French and he is great and always wants to make us happy. We have a food comment box to write suggestions, and a recipe of the month competition where someone's recipe from home is cooked for everyone. Girls may have breakfast in their pyjamas. Full school uniform or full casual attire at all other meals.

8.40am: We leave for school, dressed to impress in our wonderful uniforms!

8.45am: The school day commences and we have classes in so many different subjects, it is fantastic. We really do have a lot of fun and whilst the work is quite tough, our teachers are all really lovely and help us along the way.

10.50am: Recess. We come back to the boarding house to collect our recess snack where Mrs Douglas and Mrs Fowler are always there with a smile to say hello. 

1.00pm: Lunch. Lunch is served outside on the boarders' lawn for our senior students. Our Year 7 and 8 boarders can have recess and lunch in the boarders' courtyard or eat out in the sunshine on the boarders' lawn.

3.35pm: The school day ends and afternoon tea is served in the courtyard. It's always yummy and is a time to sit and relax with friends from lots of different year groups and the boarding staff. Often we then have sports training, or Sewing Club or Art Club to rush off to or we have leisure time. The Café is open in the boarding house, which is like a tuck shop and on Mondays and Thursdays we collect our washing that has been done for us and check to see if we have got a Tidy Room Award.

5.00pm to 6.00pm: Dinner is served. There is hot food, as well as a salad bar every day. Did we tell you how much we love the food?

6.30pm to 8.30pm: Prep begins. This is supervised in the library and we have four tutors work alongside us to help us with our work. These tutors have all been to St Mary's, many as boarders, so they know how hard some of the work can be. We are all learning a lot and now finding our feet with what is expected of us. The tutors are really great. There is also a Maths Club on Monday night and an English Club on Wednesday night when the teachers come to help us.

8.30pm to 9.00pm: Supper. This is run by Assistant House Mothers who are like older sisters to us. Some of the Assistant House Mothers are old St Mary's girls so they understand boarding well. We have bread and toast and we love the hot chocolate and milo machine at this time.

9.00pm to Bedtime: We are checked at this time and need to be ready for bed at 9.00pm. Often we will then read or chat with our room-mate for a little while about our day.

9.15pm: Lights out. Exhausted, we jump into bed and soon fall fast asleep, ready to do it all again!