Year 2 - 'Be brave, kind and curious

Be brave, kind and curious as you enter Year 2.  In Year 2 the girls develop confidence and independence, socially, emotionally and academically. They continue to develop their literacy and numeracy skills, and a differentiated academic program is offered in which every individual’s needs are catered for. 

Students attend a weekly lesson in the purpose built science laboratory with our Scientist-in-Residence. The students inquire and discover more about their world through hands-on experiments. Coding is also explored and skills are further developed in the area of technology.

The girls are taught by other specialist teachers in Religion, Physical Education (including swimming lessons), Music and Enrichment Programs. All girls are given an opportunity to learn a string instrument by being provided with free tuition in the Semester 1 Strings Program.

The Year 2 girls continue to connect with nature through the Bush School Program. We are fortunate enough to be located near the Trigg Bushland, allowing easy access to this diverse reserve.