While the Junior School is innovative and constantly evolving, the educational philosophy of St Mary's places strong emphasis on the basic skills of literacy and numeracy. Strong literacy and numeracy skills enable girls to gain further knowledge through research and inquiry-based learning.

The Junior School believes that girls need to become independent learners, who can meet all new learning experiences with confidence.

The classroom teachers are responsible for planning and implementing challenging academic programs, with the emphasis on the individual child and their specific needs. The girls are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, always endeavouring to apply maximum effort to each learning experience.

​Learning Areas

•   English
•   Mathematics
•   Science and the Scientist-in-Residence Program
•   Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)
•   Art
•   Music and Choir 
•   Language: Mandarin
•   Physical Education: Sport and Dance
•   Health and Protective Behaviours
•   Beyond the Classroom: St Mary's Bush School, Trigg Island Reserve
•   Camps: Year 4 Mother Daughter Experience at Metricup; Year 5 Nearer to Nature at Metricup; and Year 6 Rottnest Island Camp

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