St Mary’s offers a range of subjects within the sphere of Technology and Enterprise, from Accounting to Information Technology, where students are armed with many of the computer and business skills required in the 21st century.

The courses within the Technology and Enterprise department also provide students with an appreciation of the impact of information technology on society in general and equip them with practical skills that will help them in their personal life and tertiary studies whilst also being a valuable employment asset. 

Within the technology department, there are five networked computing laboratories; all the laboratories operate with both the Windows and Apple platform. The girls are given opportunities to use both platforms, although primarily work with Apple. With both software and hardware upgraded regularly, students are provided with cutting-edge technology allowing them to be prepared for the demands they will meet in our technological society.  Out of class time, all students are encouraged to make use of the computer laboratories. Students can use the facilities before school, during and after school. Boarders have access to the laboratories on weekday evenings.