St Mary’s Swim School - St Mary's Anglican Girls' School

Swimming at St Mary’s

St Mary’s Swim School offers a comprehensive Learn to Swim program for 5 to 16-year-olds at our Sir Thomas Wardle Swimming Pool Complex, which boasts a heated, outdoor 50-metre pool and a shallow instruction pool.

Our Learn to Swim program is designed to promote confidence in the water and the development of sound swimming techniques. Graduates of our Learn to Swim program who wish to take their swimming to the next level are encouraged to join the North Coast Swim Club, which also operates out of our Sir Thomas Wardle Swimming Pool Complex.

St Mary’s Swim School features:

Our Learn to Swim program runs as follows:

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Safely enter the waterGlide forward and kickFreestyle 10m
Exhale in waterGlide backward and kickGlide backward, kick 5m
Open eyes underwaterFreestyle 5mBackstroke 5m
SubmergeSubmerge and recover an object waist deepBreaststroke kick 5m on front or back
Float on frontScull standing near surfaceScull on back headfirst
Forward glideGlide forward and kickForward roll or invert and recover
Float or glide backwardsExtension – Dolphin kick
Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
Freestyle 15mFreestyle 25mFreestyle 50m
Backstroke 10mBackstroke 25mBackstroke 50m
Breaststroke arm action and legs 10mBreaststroke 25mBreaststroke 50m
Dolphin kick 5mDolphin kick 10mDolphin kick 15m
Scull on front arms extendedScull about the axis in a tucked body positionButterfly 5m, no breathing
Forward rollForward rollForward roll, push off on back with arms above head
Extension – sitting divesSitting dives unassistedDemonstrate a dive
Stage 7Stage 8Stage 9 – Pre-squad
Freestyle 100mFreestyle 150mFreestyle 100m – Timed assessment
Backstroke 100mBackstroke 150mBackstroke 100m – Timed assessment
Breaststroke correct timing 50mBreaststroke 150mBreaststroke 100m – Timed assessment
Butterfly 10mButterfly 15mButterfly 25m
Scull on front arms by sideExtension – Butterfly 25m with finsIndividual Medley 100m
Tumble turnsScull body verticalUnderwater pull-outs
Demonstrate a dive with correct body positionDives – Race startsDives – race starts
Turn all strokesIndividual Medley turns

St Mary’s Swim School contact information

Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 3.30pm. Phone 08 9341 9294 or email