Years 11 and 12 - St Mary's Anglican Girls' School

Years 11 and 12

In Years 11 and 12, our students take charge of their learning and build their own curriculum from a wide range of course options over two core study pathways.

All students study English or English Literature. They must also study a mix of subjects from the Liberal and Creative Arts (List A) and Mathematics, Sciences and Technologies (List B).

Our ATAR pathway is designed for students aspiring for direct entry into university using an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank, while our Elevate pathway, unique to St Mary’s, is designed for students who hope to continue their studies at TAFE, gain entry into select university courses requiring portfolio applications, or enter the workforce immediately after school. Elevate students earn industry qualifications (Certificates) as part of their studies.

Our Years 11 and 12 students can study the following subjects:

Arts and Sport

We encourage our students to pursue their interests and develop their talents by participating in our vibrant arts and sports programs.


Music in Years 11 and 12 is accredited by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority and counts towards students’ Western Australian Certificate of Education. St Mary’s studies the Western Art Music context in both courses.

Instrument and voice lessons are given privately by specialist music teachers who visit the School each week. Lessons are 40 minutes in duration and are scheduled throughout the school day. Music lessons outside of school hours are reserved for Year 11 and 12 students.


Both Dance and Drama are offered as ATAR subjects in Years 11 and 12. 

In Dance, students predominantly study contemporary dance. They are encouraged to work independently and with others to present dance works to a variety of audiences. Practical elements are underpinned by engaging concepts, and students learn about Australian and international choreographers and companies.

In Drama, students explore a variety of roles, including actor, director and designer. They work independently and in groups to present dramatic works. Students work with scripts, create original pieces and study theatre styles, approaches and theories while putting their ideas into practice.


In the Senior School, all students participate in a variety of individual and team sports, including:

Australian Rules FootballFloorballHockeySoftballTouch Rugby
BadmintonFitness circuitsNetballSwimmingVolleyball
BasketballGymnasticsSelf-defenceSwimming rescue certificateWater Polo

Interhouse sporting events are also an important part of school life and all students participate in our Interhouse Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. Fun, enthusiastic participation and team spirit are the hallmarks of these events. Students are also encouraged to compete in our interhouse diving, cross country and gymnastics events. 

St Mary’s is a member of the Independent Girls Schools Sports Association (IGSSA) interschool sports competition. Students are selected on merit at the start of each season from interhouse carnival results and/or trials.

Additional physical education subjects:

Physical Education Studies is offered as an ATAR subject for students aspiring to work in the fitness and sport industry. The units covered include biomechanics, exercise physiology, functional anatomy, motor learning and coaching, sport psychology and developing physical skills, strategies and tactics. 

We also offer an SIS20122 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation in Year 11 and a SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation in Year 12. For this VET program, the School has partnered with AIET (121314).

Different paths lead to exciting opportunities

Discovery is at the heart of the St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School student experience.

For many students, an important step in their journey of discovery is choosing which study pathway to go down – ATAR or Elevate (VET).

At St Mary’s, we equally value both pathways. Our staff work closely with our students to identify their interests, so they can decide which avenue will help them make the strongest start to their careers.

Recent graduates Charlee Bates-Bird and Sienna MacCondruin elected to take different study routes, but both girls are on their way to starting exciting careers in industries they are passionate about.

ATAR student Charlee is set to dive into a career in marine science after discovering her passion for the ocean via St Mary’s flagship Marine Science Program.

Due to the support of her teachers, Charlee applied for and won a University of Tasmania scholarship to attend a week-long expedition to Maria Island, where she conducted several surveys alongside experts from the university’s renowned Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.

“The opportunities that St Mary’s offers via its Marine Science Program, particularly tours to the Abrolhos Islands and Coral Bay, sparked my interest in marine science,” Charlee said.

“All my teachers were invested in my journey and went the extra mile to help me best prepare for my future career pathway.”

Charlee Bates-Bird and Sienna MacCondruin are pursuing their passions

Elevate student Sienna completed a Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology – something she never would have considered previously.

“I spoke with our Careers Advisor, and I mentioned that it would be cool to work on mechanical and electrical equipment,” Sienna said.

“My teachers gave me the courage and confidence to pursue that interest and with some help, I began searching for a company to take me on for work experience.”

With the support of the school, Sienna secured a work placement with Construction Equipment Australia, where she was offered a permanent position as a trainee, working one day per week.

“I am extremely grateful for St Mary’s Elevate pathway. With the help of my teachers, I secured work experience in a field that is nothing like I could have imagined,” Sienna said.

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St Mary’s is all about girls discovering their best. We want our students to be engrossed in the exploration of ideas, to be self-motivated and self-directed, to delight in trying something new and to contribute positively to the community.