Year 8 to 10 - St Mary's Anglican Girls' School

Years 8 to 10

Our Years 8, 9 and 10 students are supported to make more significant choices about their study options. Elective subjects such as Young People and the Law, Environmental Sciences and our flagship Marine Science program help students to identify and pursue their passions.

Students continue to study Humanities and Social Science, Mathematics, English, Science, Physical Education, Health Education and Religious Education up until the end of Year 10. They are also required to study a language other than English until the end of Year 8, and are encouraged to continue languages as an elective in Year 9 and beyond.

Advanced programs in Physical Education, Dance, Drama, Visual Art, Media and Music in Years 9 and 10 encourage our girls to explore and challenge their physical and creative potential and are designed to prepare them for future studies in Years 11 and 12.

The following table lists our Years 8 to 10 subjects and demonstrates how studies progress throughout Senior School: 

YEAR 7 YEAR 8 YEAR 9 YEAR 10 YEARS 11 & 12
Mathematics: Essentials General
Mathematics: Applications ATAR
Mathematics: Methods ATAR
Mathematics: Specialist ATAR
English General
English ATAR
Literature ATAR
Physics ATAR
Chemistry ATAR
Human Biology ATAR
Human Biology General
Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences Biology ATAR
Marine Science Marine Science Marine and Maritime Studies ATAR
History ATAR
Geography ATAR
Economics ATAR
Future Problem Solving Politics and Law ATAR
Young People & the Law
LANGUAGES Japanese Japanese ATAR
Italian Italian ATAR
French French ATAR
Language and Literacy (French) Multicultural Studies EALD ATAR
Digital Design
Design, Construct, Innovate Mechatronics
Enterprise & Business Technology Accounting & Finance ATAR
Business Management & Enterprise ATAR
Business Management & Enterprise Gen
TECHNOLOGIES Caring for Children Children, Family, Community ATAR
Children, Family, Community General
Tech. Drawing
Textiles Textiles Fashion & Graphic Design Materials Design & Technology (Textiles) ATAR
Fashion & Graphic Design Materials Design & Technology (Textiles) General
Food Technology Food Science Technology ATAR
Food Science Technology General
MEDIA Media Extended Media ATAR
Media General
Certificate II Sport & Recreation
Certificate III Sport & Recreation
Introductory PE Studies PE Studies ATAR
Sports Science
Advanced PE
Fitness for Life
OUTDOOR EDUCATION Year 7 Camp Year 8 Camp Year 9 Camp Outdoor Education Year 11 Camp
Year 10 Camp
Visual Arts General
Certificate III Design Fundamentals
PERFORMING ARTS Music Music Extended Music ATAR
Dance Dance Extended Dance ATAR
Drama X Drama Extended Drama ATAR
CAREERS Workplace Learning
Money & Careers Careers & Enterprise General

Arts and Sport

Our students are also encouraged to pursue their interests and develop their talents by participating in our vibrant arts and sports programs.


Our classroom music courses cover music literature, the history of music, music theory, music perception, music performance and techniques of composition, including melody writing and arranging for ensembles and harmony.

Music is an optional subject in Years 8, 9 and 10 for students who are undertaking vocal or instrumental lessons. Students explore music theory, culture and history, and extend their aural skills. Optional Music classes in Years 8 to 10 adequately prepare students aspiring to study Music in Years 11 and 12.

Instrument and voice lessons are given privately by specialist music teachers who visit the School each week. Lessons are 40 minutes in duration and are scheduled throughout the school day.


All students in Year 8 participate in Dance and Drama classes. In Year 8, students build on the foundations learned the previous year in semester-based courses. Our focus in Year 8 is exploration, experimentation, key skills development and building self-confidence.

From Year 9, Dance and Drama classes are offered as electives. In Dance, students explore contemporary and modern, jazz and street styles. They are also afforded opportunities to choreograph and present original pieces. In Drama, students learn a variety of acting techniques and explore different styles of theatre. They work with scripts, devise their own original works and try their hand at design and directing roles. 

An extension course is available to Year 10 students who are considering studying ATAR Dance or Drama courses in Years 11 and 12.


In the Senior School, all students participate in a variety of individual and team sports, including:

Australian Rules FootballFloorballHockeySoftballTouch Rugby
BadmintonFitness circuitsNetballSwimmingVolleyball
BasketballGymnasticsSelf-defenceSwimming rescue certificateWater Polo

Interhouse sporting events are also an important part of school life and all students participate in our Interhouse Swimming and Athletics carnivals. Fun, enthusiastic participation and team spirit are the hallmarks of these events. Students are also encouraged to compete in our Interhouse diving, cross country and gymnastics events.

St Mary’s is a member of the Independent Girls Schools Sports Association (IGSSA) interschool sport competition. Students are selected on merit at the start of each season from interhouse carnival results and/or trials.

Additional physical education subjects:

Our Year 9 students can participate in two additional physical education periods per week via our Advanced Physical Education program or one additional period per week via our Fitness for Life program, which aims to keep students active as they participate in activities including aerobics, gym circuits, Pilates and yoga.   

Our Year 10 students can choose to study Sports Science, a theory-based course that explores how the body works and adjusts with exercise; Advanced Physical Education, consisting of two periods of practical activities; or Introduction to Physical Education Studies, a four-period option that combines a practical and theory component as a lead-in to ATAR Physical Education studies.

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St Mary’s is all about girls discovering their best. We want our students to be engrossed in the exploration of ideas, to be self-motivated and self-directed, to delight in trying something new and to contribute positively to the community.