From our Parents…

“Thanks for letting us join our daughter and her friends every so often for a meal. It is a wonderful thing that St Mary does. The chef is amazing!”

“I think the academic support is very positive and is a necessary service which sets this school apart from others, more than the building itself . As a parent I feel glad that this is available as I cannot help my daughter from a distance and this gives me more peace of mind.”

“The academic support available to the girls is amazing - I hope they realise that and use it!”

“The orientation programme is amazing. Love the Look Inside Day.”

“I am impressed with the continual improvement of processes, acknowledging and addressing any concerns and suggestions.”

“My daughter has found boarding at St Mary’s to be exactly what she wanted and needed.”

“Thank you for continuing to make St Mary’s the best boarding house on offer. Your efforts are appreciated.”

“The outstanding thing for me is the way I feel when I walk into St Mary’s. I feel welcome and part of the 'family'. St Mary’s staff encourage this, with little things like saying “stay for tea”. Your co-parenting philosophy really does include parents, which I think helps our daughter and us enjoy the boarding experience. Thank you.”

“We have thoroughly loved our experience at St Mary's and think the boarding house is extremely welcoming and caters for the individual needs of all students and their families. The girls are kept grounded whilst still being nurtured. Great work, St Mary's!”


From our Students

“It’s great fun here! I can't wait to be a big sister!”

“The boarding house is a very welcoming place with very lovely people in it.”

“Thank you for all you do for us!”

“Each and every girl and staff member at St Mary’s is happy to help you or answer any questions you have.”

“Boarding at St Mary’s is a fun, exciting adventure filled with memories. Get involved in absolutely everything possible when you join the St Mary’s community. The school has so much on offer and it is all worth a try.”

“Boarding at St Mary’s has been an amazing rollercoaster that has provided me with so many opportunities that have had an incredible impact on my future. Coming so far from home and family, I have found St Mary’s to be so welcoming and so accepting. In the boarding community, each girl, no matter what year she is in, comes together to look after one another and always shows kindness and care. I will miss it when I leave!”

“I know it’s difficult for parents and children to part for weeks on end, but the opportunities offered by St Mary’s are worth it. The lessons I have learnt and the experiences I have had, have ultimately provided me with the skills and resilience to know how to pursue my dreams.”

“Boarding at St Mary’s has honestly been the most amazing experience for me. I have loved being a part of the community we have in the boarding house, while getting the opportunity to attend an amazing school which offers so much, not only academically, but outside of classes as well. I have loved being a part of drama productions, sport and music events during my time here.”