Years 5 and 6 girls hone leadership skills - St Mary's Anglican Girls' School

Years 5 and 6 girls hone leadership skills

POSTED May 2 2024 , News

This week, our Years 5 and 6 students participated in a series of engaging workshops facilitated by Burn Bright, a not-for-profit organisation that delivers dynamic leadership and wellbeing programs to students across Australia.

The themes of the day-long sessions were ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and ‘Exploring our super abilities to lead well’.

The Celebrating Diversity aspect of the learning experience centred on igniting the girls’ passion for being global citizens.

The girls participated in group challenges and activities that brought them closer together by breaking down barriers and strengthening their bonds.

Additional activities encouraged the students to foster a sense of community within their cohorts and explore the impact of their choices on the world so that they could take positive steps toward being global citizens.

The second half of the day was dedicated to developing the girls’ leadership skills, which is particularly important given they are viewed as senior figures within our Junior School.

Throughout the sessions, the students explored what it meant to be a ‘superhero’ and unpacked their hidden ‘super abilities’, which the facilitators explained could be influencing others, being a positive role model, supporting others and putting others first.

The second half of the leadership session explored effective leadership qualities, decision-making and courage, actions and consequences, respecting and helping others, building trust and taking responsibility, positive participation and appreciating difference.

The day concluded with the girls putting their newfound leadership skills into action and contemplating how they could impact their school and wider community.

Deputy Head of Junior School (Pastoral Care) Les Chidgzey said the students embraced the concepts Burn Bright facilitators Maddy, Bonnie and Emma shared.

“We asked Burn Bright to tailor their session to help our students with their leadership skills and resilience, and what they delivered was spot on,” Les said.

“The girls enjoyed the variety of activities, which included small and big group discussions and break out sessions which were rich and impactful.

“As the day went on, they were exposed to more valuable information and leadership skills. It was just brilliant.”