Years 7 to 12 Individual Career Counselling and Advice

Individual career counselling and advice are offered to all students and parents in the Senior School. Appointments can be made before and after school and during break times. Year 12 students can also make appointments during their private study periods. Students and parents can make an appointment with Miss Iasky or on (08) 9341 9146.

Students can seek advice regarding but not limited to:

  • Individual career pathway counselling/subject selection
  • Application process through TISC for university
  • Application process for Notre Dame University
  • Application process for TAFE
  • Alternative entry pathways for university
  • Application process for interstate universities
  • Application process for overseas universities
  • Workplace learning
  • Interview skills and preparation
  • Scholarship applications
  • Personal statements
  • Resumé writing
  • Study skills

Career Information Newsletter 

A Career Information Newsletter is uploaded to the St Mary's App fortnightly to students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Career information provided in the newsletter includes a wide range of information about local and interstate university events, work experience opportunities, gap year information and more.

Year 9 TLC (Thinking, Learning, Caring) – Career Education Eight-Week Program 

Students complete elements of “The Real Game”, a career education resource. It introduces students to the world of work and helps them to develop an understanding of the options and opportunities available to them and the implications and importance of their choices. It is a useful step towards individual learning and career planning, including subject choice. It uses elements of role play, group work and individual investigation to help students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to assess and make decisions about further education and training and career options. Within the program they will complete a basic resumé.

Year 10 Career Education

Students work towards achieving the Australian Blueprint Competencies for Career Development - career building, learning and work exploration and personal management. Over the year students complete a wide range of activities including career coaching sessions and learning the importance of networking. They learn about the subject selection process; explore career and tertiary education for the future; develop work-ready skills; complete a resumé and cover letter; develop interview skills; and organise and prepare for work experience.

Year 10 Work Experience 

We encourage all our students to complete Work Experience that is extraordinary, not ordinary!

The key outcomes for our students include:

  • development of career interests, personal strengths, support systems, role models and expectations about the future.
  • improvement of career knowledge and enhancement of career decision-making skills.
  • gaining understanding the world of work.
  • increasing self-awareness, confidence and self–esteem.
  • development of interpersonal skills and motivation.
  • development of student independence, self-reliance and initiative.
  • gaining employment status, participation in training and engagement in job search.
  • Five days in the workplace
  • The allocated week is Monday 21 to 25 September 2020
Students on exchange, sporting or overseas tours during the allocated week 
  • May organise work experience at a different time during holidays
  • May be excused from work experience if it proves too difficult for the student to organise at another time
Boarding students
  • Can complete work experience in their home town if desired

Years 11 and 12 Career Advice

Years 11 and 12 students are encouraged to meet with Miss Iasky throughout the year for pathway and career planning. Students who have career direction are often more motivated and focused and can be guided in setting goals and decision-making for the future.