Our Junior School aims to produce future global citizens who have a well-developed sense of self-worth, care for the environment, appreciate and respect others, a love of learning and a well-grounded sense of ethics.

The human spirit is society's greatest asset and we see it, at its best, in the Junior School. A constant buzz is in the air as students, from Kindergarten to Year 6, exhibit their enthusiasm for life.

The inclusive classroom programmes and the rich specialist teaching areas focus on challenging the individual student, nurturing her talents and supporting her in becoming the best that she can be. The comprehensive support system ensures that there is early intervention where girls are experiencing difficulties, in addition to increased challenges for the more academically able students.

Our learning programme involves the whole community of staff, parents and children. This community works together to provide a harmonious, nurturing environment where all students can develop a sense of self-worth, a high level of personal integrity, competence to form moral judgements, individual responsibility and a sincere sense of respect and concern for others and for our environment.

Our Honour Code features five key elements including: St Mary’s students are kind, respectful, determined, courageous and welcoming.

The Junior School is located on the northern boundary of St Mary's campus, bordered by the beautiful natural environment of the Trigg Island Reserve, the wide expanse of grass in our own Chapel Valley and the swimming pools and sporting facilities.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Junior School.

Mrs Helen Adams
Head of Junior School