Academic Centre for Enrichment Support Programs

St Mary’s prides itself in being an inclusive school, a school which recognises the diverse needs of all our students, accommodating both different styles and rates of learning. St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School is well-resourced and employs three full-time teachers and one part-time teacher in the Academic Centre for Enrichment. In addition to this, the Junior School also employs a school psychologist, who works closely with the ACE team and classroom teachers to monitor, support and assess students.

Addressing Individual Student Needs

St Mary’s delivers a differentiated curriculum in all year levels. ACE Programs are available to a select group of students, while differentiated tasks are an integral component of what is offered in the mainstream classroom. At the commencement of each school year a range of assessments is conducted in both literacy and mathematics. These results, in conjunction with informal assessments, are used to determine if a student is best placed in an ACE Support Program.

Students who participate in ACE Support Programs are those students who may be at risk of not achieving major learning outcomes or who are deemed as requiring a Tier 2 teaching approach. 


The ACE Support Programs are underpinned by the following philosophy:

  • systematic explicit instruction;
  • a framework that provides a measure of independence but at the same time supports the learner;
  • targeting of a student’s weakness and providing appropriate strategies to address learning requirements;
  • students achieving success by being placed on appropriate level of work, increasing self-esteem and confidence; and
  • regular feedback on work and re-teaching of tasks if necessary.

Click here to download the ACE Support flyer.