Link groups are House-based and vertically integrated groups in the care of a Link teacher. Each girl remains with the same Link teacher throughout her years at St Mary's unless the teacher leaves or takes on a different role in the school.

Link teachers meet with their groups every day. On each of our six-day cycle, Links operate for ten minutes each morning. Once per cycle, a twenty minute Link period is held before lunch. This regular, frequent contact helps the teachers get to know the members of their groups quickly. It also brings an increased awareness of the students' progress and involvement in school life, and more immediate recognition of possible problems and causes for concern.

The name Link was chosen because of all that it represents in terms of bringing people together. Links, or bonds, between individuals are established through close communication, and help to satisfy our need for security and a sense of belonging, in this case, within the community of St Mary's. Within this environment each girl has the opportunity to learn more about St Mary's from girls in other year groups, be it about a forthcoming event or subject selection.