Esmee Byatt Scholarship

Emma Dudman ('01) was a recipient of the Esmee Byatt Scholarship for Medicine in 2005. Esmee Byatt (Templeton '30) left a bequest to school in 2003.

"A medical degree can feel like it stretches on forever. it is difficult to balance full-time study and work and have enough money left over to cover the costs associated with studying. Being the recipient of the inaugural Esmee Byatt Scholarship allowed me to concentrate on my studies. I am so grateful to Mrs Byatt for her generosity.


Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre

Ashlyn Tymms ('05), a professional musician and performer, experienced the thrill of the 'big stage' in the Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre. A bequest from the estate of past parents Sir Thomas and Lady Wardle helped the school to develop the Performing Arts Centre.

"I am forever grateful for the opportunities I had to perform in the Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre. This performance space inspires young musicians, actors, directors and educators to strive for excellence and achieve their dreams. What a wonderful gift the Wardles gave to St Mary's'