Our international students are a small and diverse group of girls spanning Years 7 to 12, who attend the School as boarding or day students.

Mrs Fiona McGlinn supports each girl in her role as International Student Co-ordinator, meeting regularly with them to ensure that they adapt well to their new surroundings within the St Mary’s boarding house. Her role entails pastoral care and encouragement.

St Mary’s celebrates significant cultural and religious festivals with our international students. Mrs McGlinn is instrumental in ensuring that this is undertaken in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Mrs McGlinn, also Deputy Head of Boarding, joined the St Mary’s boarding house in 1999 and over these 19 plus years has visited many international families in their homes.

Her secondary education was between Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. She graduated from the University of Bradford, UK with a BA (Hons) Interdisciplinary Human Studies.