The Parents' Society is a group of parents who meet monthly to distribute the voluntary parent levy funding to worthwhile school projects and to organise various events throughout the year.

The Parents' Society vision is to:

  • provide support and promote the welfare of St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, in partnership with the Principal;
  • help to improve facilities in agreement with the Principal;
  • co-operate with other school bodies and associations; and
  • provide a partnership between the School and the school community through the contribution of equipment, infrastructure and the development of social and informative events.

The Society's funds are derived from a $15 levy each term from the fees paid by every family. This subscription entitles parents/guardians of a student of the School to Parents' Society membership.

Each meeting is attended by the Principal, the Head of the Junior School and members of the Parents' Society, as well as representatives from the Board of Governors, Foundation, St Mary's Auxiliary, Old Girls' Association and the boarding house.

The Parents' Society provides the opportunity for interested parents to meet monthly during each school term to:

  • hear firsthand about developments in the School;
  • discuss and develop proposals for the distribution of the voluntary parent levy funding to worthwhile School projects; and
  • organise various events throughout the year.

Each year, the Parents' Society:

  • organises an annual Sundowner in February to welcome new parents to the School by providing the opportunity for them to meet current parents;
  • organises a careers night in conjunction with Hale School;
  • arranges guest speakers; and
  • provides support for the Year 12 Motivational Lunch.

Most importantly, the Parents' Society funds various projects around the School, which in the past included:

  • providing outdoor furniture, encyclopedias and novels for the boarding house
  • interactive whiteboards and data projectors for both the Junior and Senior Schools
  • new netball posts for the Junior School
  • a Handycam for the Media Department
  • a rowing machine for the school gymnasium
  • a painting by local artist, Ms Rebecca Cool, for the Junior School
  • a sewing machine for the Junior School Art room
  • a $10,000 contribution annually for three years to contribute to the replacement of full length lockers in the Senior School
  • a new fountain in the Junior School

In addition to this, the Parents' Society provides the opportunity for every family who pays school fees on time to be entered into a lottery and each term, two lucky families each win a $1,250 contribution toward one term's school fees.

All welcome

All parents are welcome to come along to Parents' Society meetings, which are held monthly during the school terms in the Seminar Room in the Senior School Administration Building at 7.30pm. Details of our meetings and associated events can be found on the calendar.

Become involved in the Parents' Society

Nomination and Proxy Form

Parents' Society Constitution

Further information

For further information, please contact the President of the Parents' Society, Mrs Elizabeth Price, via the School.