The Macdonald Library in Junior School is a space for collaborative learning, complex problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and innovation. The library fosters a reading culture and boasts a wide range of resources for students. 

Apart from a comprehensive fiction and non-fiction collection, our magazine subscriptions include National Geographic Kids and Discovery Box to engage our young scientific minds. 

Margaret Field Hall is home to the Macdonald Library and our most popular robots - Dash. It is here that our young students program our delightful robots using mathematical knowledge, coding skills, creativity, problem-solving skills and team collaboration. 

Our write-on table and whiteboards provide a space for our students to create programs, identify problems and possible solutions, and then apply this knowledge to program our lovable Dash ​robots. 

The 3D printer also allows our students to produce an object with varying designs, in order to make informed decisions on which design best suits their needs.