At St Mary’s, we want girls to love learning, be excited by discoveries and engrossed in the exploration of ideas.

Variety and diversity underpin our learning environment which is challenging, engaging and enriching. It furnishes content, skills and processes, practice and exploratory opportunities.

In Years 7 to 10, the Western Australian Curriculum is followed in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Education, Physical Education and Digital Technologies. A range of electives in the Arts, Languages, Technology and Science is offered to cater for varying interests and to enable students to experience a breadth of learning.

A love of learning and enterprise are universally sought, with a focus on developing critical and creative thinking. Along with good communication and collaborative skills, we aim to have our students well prepared for the world they will engage with when they leave the school gates.

Physical development in both broader sporting pursuits and finer motor skills (needed in music, drama and other creative arts) is recognised as being an essential requirement, and while it is acknowledged that both latent talent and expert training contribute to the attainment of excellence in these areas, it is also recognised that some students pursue such activities simply for relaxation and personal satisfaction. Provision is made for both.

The curriculum is explored in a safe and supportive environment, where there is the opportunity for lively debate, quiet reflection, the acquisition of interpersonal skills, the development of a code of values and ethics, and the formation of personal opinions on a wide range of issues, local and global. We recognise that these will develop and change over the years. It is expected that the St Mary's environment will allow students to expand their knowledge, express their views and practise their beliefs with confidence, knowing that differences are respected in the community.

St Mary's vision includes a commitment to providing an innovative curriculum that equips girls for future study, life and work in the 21st century. 

Mr Chris Scholten
Dean of Studies