St Mary's prides itself on the partnership between parents and the School, and the St Mary's Auxiliary is one of the avenues for maintaining this relationship.

The St Mary's Auxiliary is involved in an array of activities including:

  • Welcome morning teas for parents and special guests;
  • Social functions including luncheons and family events; and 
  • Behind-the-scenes assistance at school carnivals and Orientation Days.

The St Mary's Auxiliary provides music bursaries for Senior and Junior School students and contributes to school projects. 

Another important part of St Mary's Auxiliary is the friendship-raising aspect. We are a very welcoming group, supporting new families and providing a great forum for concerns and confirmations.

The St Mary's Auxiliary meets twice a term, on the third and seventh Wednesdays. Details of meetings and events can be found in NewsLink and calendar.

For further information, please read the St Mary's Auxiliary brochure or contact the President of the St Mary's Auxiliary, Mrs Daina De Mattia, via the School

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