Students embrace new Creative Arts and Design Centre - St Mary's Anglican Girls' School

Students embrace new Creative Arts and Design Centre

POSTED April 16 2024 , News

Today marked the dawn of a new era of creativity at St Mary’s as our students set foot in our stunning Creative Arts and Design Centre for the first time.

Our Senior School students enjoyed exploring the state-of-the-art facility, which boasts specialised and collaborative learning areas, numerous gallery spaces, several studios and a cutting-edge media centre.

The three-storey stands tall as a testament to St Mary’s commitment to nurturing creativity. By dedicating an entire facility to the creative arts, we are sending a powerful message to our students and community that creativity is valued and encouraged.

The centre has spaces dedicated to the visual arts, ceramics, design, 3D construction, fashion, textiles and wearable art, plus several collaborative spaces that will allow students to share ideas and expand their creative horizons. The third storey of the centre is largely dedicated to our Media Studies department and features a studio and podcasting room.

Gallery spaces of varying sizes will soon showcase the works of our students. Revolving exhibits will not only provide a platform for students to display their talents but also serve as a source of inspiration for the entire School community. Additionally, these galleries will serve as a platform to celebrate the achievements of accomplished Old Girls. By highlighting the success stories of the School’s creative individuals, the building will inspire future generations of students to pursue their passions and believe in their own artistic potential.

Studios within the new building will act as incubators for creativity. These sanctuaries will allow our students to explore ideas and hone their skills, fostering an environment that nurtures the development of artistic talents. We hope they will also be intermittently occupied by professional artists, who can share their expertise with our staff and students while taking them on their creative journeys.

Lastly, the centre holds the key to unlocking the potential for more exciting curricular and cocurricular offerings. In time, our staff will explore the possibility of offering new art and media courses, as well as after-hours clubs, workshops and competitions.