For more than 95 years, St Mary's has played a vital role in the education of girls and young women. It is a school renowned for its consistently outstanding academic achievement. Our highly qualified staff show a genuine interest in each girl's development, encouraging her to strive for personal excellence. The school is also filled with energy, fun and laughter. 

St Mary's provides a rich and varied extracurricular programme of opportunities, including outdoor education, marine science, drama, dance, debating, music and sport. These opportunities enable our girls to develop confidence and vital skills to be successful and happy in tomorrow's ever-expanding global workplace. At times, we meet our brother school, Hale, for these activities. 

Our wonderful school is filled with girls who love life, love learning, and love being challenged by our ever-changing world. 

One of my favourite images of St Mary's is when the girls leave Dannatt Hall after an assembly, and a maroon tide surges across the long expanse of green, girls laughing and chatting, some running ahead, some deep in reflective conversation. The energy and enthusiasm are palpable. 

Ours is an environment in which I believe girls learn and grow best and at the heart of their experience is discovery. 

St Mary's focuses on girls discovering their best. We want St Mary's girls to be engrossed in the exploration of ideas, to be self-motivated and self-directed, to delight in trying something new and to contribute positively to the community.

Above all, we want them to discover who they are, who they would like to be and how to be that person; and to recognise that at the heart of happiness and success is knowing yourself, understanding others and being a good, decent human being. 

I look forward to you exploring all that is St Mary's and welcoming your daughter to our school for her very own journey of discovery. 

Mrs Lynne Thomson